Ysical examination and laboratory analysis of blood and stool samples. Such routine laboratory data is most often normal. viagra cost Evaluation with a "scope test" such as colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy is often one of the major diagnostic tests performed. Traditional ibd such as ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease can often be diagnosed by knowing the patient's symptoms and the appearance of the colon lining during colonoscopy. However, the inflammatory changes of collagenous colitis are more subtle and cannot be seen with the naked eye. buy viagra usa online During a scope exam, the colon looks normal. To diagnose collagenous colitis, biopsies must be taken and examined under the microscope - hence the name, microscopic colitis. Without a biopsy, collagenous colitis is frequently misdiagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome (ibs). In collagenous colitis, the diagnosis rests with the pathologist - a physician specially trained to examine biopsies. The wall of the colon is made up of 5 circular layers. The innermost is called the mucosa. In collagenous colitis, the biopsy reveals thickening of the layer beneath the mucosa due to the deposition of excessive collagen (a major protein in connective tissue, cartilage, and bone). There is also significant infiltration of the overlying surface mucosa by underlying white blood cells called lymphocytes. cheap generic viagra Lymphocytic colitis differs only in lacking the thickened collagenous plate. What treatment is available? much viagra pills No cure is yet available. Treatment is directed at reducing inflammation and the symptoms of diarrhea. viagra generic This usually involves a "trial and error" process as each case is different. With treatment, most symptoms can be controlled. However, when treatment is tapered, the symptoms usually reappear. Most patients, therefore, need continual therapy to control symptoms. There is no specific diet to follow. viagra super active plus online Foods containing caffeine or lactose should be excluded from the diet, since they stimulate fluid secretion in the colon. If a patient is unable to digest fats, a low-fat diet may be helpful. viagra samples Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) such as ibuprofen should be avoided, since studies have suggested that they may be associated with collagenous colitis. viagra super active plus online Tylenol (acetaminophen) is permissible. The first line of medical treatment is usually azulfidine (sulfasalizine) or asacol (mesalamine) which are anti-inflammatory agents that reduce inflammation within the inner lining of the colon. generic viagra online These drugs are also used to treat other forms of ibd and are s. viagra alcohol effects